Monday, March 30, 2009

Challenger #27, New York

New York City mother of 4, Hanne Larsen, took The WAT-AAH! Challenge. She couldn't believe her eyes when her son Banjo (age 1) wouldn't put down the bottle of WAT-AAH!

He usually throws a tantrum when she wants him to drink anything but juice or milk.......he held on to it for the full day.

Hanne even had to re-fill the bottle with tap water and put it in his bed with him at nap time!

Challenger #26, Massachusetts

Andrea- Mamma's Reviews- mother of two, decided to take The WAT-AAH! Challenge. Like most moms she was up for the challenge, seeing that her kids just couldn't get enough of all that sugar. "My children are avid sugary juice drinkers. My younger daughter will pick the sugary juice 9 times out of 10. And my older daughter would pick soda if I let her... I thought for sure my children would chose their standard drinks of choice. Either soda or juice. Of course they do like water and will drink it, though it’s usually as a last resort if something better isn’t available."

The set up...

I placed some sugary drinks in my fridge including soda products and sugary drinks like Capri Sun. In the midst of all these drinks I included two bottles of WAT-AAH!

The results...

I asked my eldest daughter to go to the fridge and pick out whatever drink she wanted for school.
She opened the fridge while I pretended not to watch her. I could see her investigate the fridge and knew the moment she stopped on WAT-AAH! because she laughed and leaned closer to check it out.

She immediately took it out of the fridge and saidI want this! What is it?

After seeing her daughter actually choose WAT-AAH! Andrea thinks everyone should take the challenge!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Challenger #25, Oklahoma

Mommyhoodisthankless Mom Rebecca- participated in The WAT-AAH! Challenge - here's what she had to say:

"My 3 yr old came home from Grandma's and as is her normal habit, she went to the fridge for a drink. She brought the blue variety (Brain) to me and asked if she could have it, I of course let her!

After she finished the first bottle about an hour later she requested the remaining bottle after realizing there was no more blue left! She drank the Body variety with the same amount of gusto! My little one really enjoyed the packaging and drank it even after realizing it was just water, and my older girls were also intrigued by the bottle design. If you have trouble getting your kids to back off the juice, milk, kool-aid, etc I would definitely suggest giving WAT-AAH! a shot!"

Challenger #24, Pennsylvania

Staci- mommasgoneoverthewall and mom to 4 year-old Gibbon, was very sneaky getting the WAT-AAH! past her son and into the fridge.

Here's what happened:

"When snack time rolled around that afternoon, I told him he could pick out a drink from the fridge. He drinks water throughout the day, but usually has juice or milk at snack time. He didn't reach for either this time. Instead, he went right for the WAT-AAH! asking, "Is this for me?"As soon as I answered, he was ready to start chugging! Well, after a brief pause to imitate the face on the bottle. WAT-AAH! is a huge hit with my 4-year-old."

Challenger #23, New York

Jena, mom of 3, decided to go all out for The WAT-AAH! challenge - she even moved soda from the basement fridge into the main fridge so her kids would find it next to the WAT-AAH! when they got home from school.

Here's how the Challenge played out...

Her daughter, first to arrive home from school, opened the fridge and "immediately noticed the WAT-AAH! and pounced on it!"

With only one bottle left, her two sons grabbed for it at the same time - "a lesson in sharing ensues!"

Jena tells us that "the packaging is eye catching, and all the kids have asked to wash the bottle out and fill it with (gasp) regular tap water just to use the bottle again!"

Challenger #22, Florida

Suzanne from The New Sue Review decided to try The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her two sons.

The day her WAT-AAH! arrived, she placed it in the fridge among milk, Kool-Aid, soda and VitaminWater. But as she says, "The question now was...will they drink it?"

The answer? Yes!

After opening the fridge and exclaiming, "Whoa, what's this?!", her son immediately chose WAT-AAH! Not only that, he asked for more later that day! (Watch the Video)

The aftermath:

Suzanne's son "has asked several times when we’ll be able to buy more WAT-AAH! That, my friends, is pretty impressive for a drink that isn’t flavored, sugared or colored in any way. It’s just full of the good stuff."

Challenger #21, Georgia

A group of moms from Atlanta took The WAT-AAH! challenge with their kids – here are their results!

Laura tells us, “My kids LOVED the packaging…especially the pink and blue colors! They already drink a good bit of water, but this makes it FUN!”

Two other Atlanta moms, Amy and Tara, tried The WAT-AAH! Challenge with their kids and had almost identical experiences. Upon finding WAT-AAH! in their fridge, their curiosity was immediately sparked – all of the kids were excited to try it and gave rave reviews!

Debbie tells us her kids “certainly found the packaging intriguing” and another mom from Atlanta tells us that after discovering WAT-AAH! in the fridge next to her milk cup, her daughter squealed with excitement and said “OOH Mommy, I want to have the pink water!”

WAT-AAH! is a hit in Atlanta!

Challenger #20, Utah

Jane- whataboutmom - tested her three daughters with The WAT-AAH! Challenge.

The set up...

Jane put the WAT-AAH! bottles next to juice boxes and soda.

She then took a video of her kids' reaction:

Sally, Susan, and Spot Take the Wat-ahh! Challenge from jane on Vimeo.

The results...

Well, the girls originally went for milk and juice boxes -but the oldest Sally, goes back for the WAT-AAH!, explaining that she overlooked it the first time because she couldn't see it.

Once she noticed it, she couldn't wait to drink it, and said it made her feel SUPER! Sally told her mom, "I think that we should get WAT-AAH! every time!"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Challenger #19, New York

Melanie, Mother of 3 took The WAT-AAH! Challenge... and challenged all her guests as well...

"Instead of handing the waters to different families, we decided to throw a party and see how the kids reacted. When I was asked to participate in the "challenge"....I was more than just a little skeptical that the kids would choose WAT-AAH! over juices (the healthy option we use at our house)."

The set up... Placing WAT-AAH! next to all of the other traditional sugary party drinks.
The results... "It was an overwhelming win for WAT-AAH! Even in a party setting where juice boxes sat next to the WAT-AAH! the kids couldn't get enough of it! Even the littlest of the kids wanted nothing to do with the juice boxes!

"Beckett (age 1) loved WAT-AAH! and could not wait for me to open the bottle before he tried to drink!"

"Rose (age 8) didn't even mind that her face-painting would get messed up! Very rare for this glamour-puss!"

"Joseph (age 6) LOVED the WAT-AAH! He actually went through 2 bottles, and this is a kid who "HATES water"! Just ask his mom, Elizabeth, who sat there dumbfounded as he got upset when she said "no more" after the second bottle!"

"Joseph on his second bottle!"

"Every kid was asking WHERE CAN WE GET MORE OF THIS STUFF?!?! Thank you!"

Challenger # 18, Texas

Jean- Working Momma 247- along with her 2 boys took The WAT-AAH! Challenge. Up for the challenge they were, Jean wondered... "if they would choose Wat-aah in the nifty bottle labeled BODY or would they choose the pesky convenience of over sugared juice and soft drinks. I knew that my two youngest are not big water drinkers like they should be. I also knew that my oldest is always up for a challenge large or small or unusual."

The set up...

I placed the bottles in the fridge and when the boys came home from school and asked the age old question "I'm thirsty!" I was ready with a quick response of get something out of the fridge and then grabbed the camera. The oldest saw the bottled water immediately and wanted to know what this curious water was that said BODY. If you raise boys yourself than you will know that when they see something of liquid and it's labeled Body, they instantly assume that body parts must be inside. Needless to say he had to jump on that."

The results...

"Gameboy thought the water tasted great body parts and all, but thought maybe there would actually be some kind of flavor to it... He finished off both the Body and Brain formula's and I declare that a success over choosing the high sugar alternative!"

Challenger #17, Nebraska

Sky- Seeryus Mama- was excited and ready to let her son take part in The WAT-AAH! Challenge.

"My son Johnny is always excited to take part in any reviews. For this particular "challenge"...I didn't say a word to him. I let him discover on his own!"

Johnny was the perfect candidate...

"Johnny loves his soda. He's not a fan of juice. Drinks milk occasionally, but Coca-Cola is his vice. I limit the number of soda's he can have...and really push water."

The results...

"It was a HIT! Johnny came home for lunch on a weekday. He was grabbing for something to drink, when he spotted the WAT-AAH! He was hooked! After about a fourth of it, he told me that the water was so good. He was impressed!

I'm in awe over his like for it!"

Challenger #16, California

Michelle from California was excited to take The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kiddies...

And the results are in...

"I received the water and put them into our fridge last night. AS SOON as my daughter saw WAT-AAH!, she IMMEDIATELY asked if she could have one. She was VERY happy and content with it!

Thanks for the Challenge, it worked! This product I would recommend!"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Challenger #15, New York

Susan and her daughter Aidan from Westchester, NY took The WAT-AAH! Challenge...

Here's the play-by-play...

(after opening the fridge)
Aidan grace: What is this?

Mom: It's water.

Aidan: I want fun water

Mom: Which one do you want?

Aidan: Blue blue...fun water

(after drinking)

Mom: do you like it?

Aidan: yesssy!!!

Original WAT-AAH! art work by Aidan!

Challenger #14, Pennsylvania

Amber, mother of 3 boys had no luck getting them to stay away from the sport drinks.

"My boys are VERY active, and they just run right for those sports drinks! It will be exciting to see if something even without the flavor can get them staying hydrated."

They took The WAT-AAH! Challenge! And the results...

"The WAT-AAH! was a HUGE success with my boys. They thought the bottle was... 'SO COOL!' And to admit I was a bit surprised, it had no flavor but not one complained. Even my youngest one kept asking for more "Brain" wataah! He said it tastes 'so good and will help me play better'."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Challenger #13, Virginia

Virgina mom, Melissa put her kids up to the WAT-AAH! Challenge. "My daughter is a water drinker... It's my 11 y/o son is the one I was skeptical about...."

The results...

"The WAT-AHH challenge!
worked well for us!!! I was not too surprised that she chose the WAT-AHH! (with the pink label of course). My son, he took the WAT-AHH! out of the fridge and asked me what it was. I told him it was a new brand of water and he replied with "Oh... Can I have it?" I was sure he was going to put it right back but he didn't! My daughter wants me to get more, she just loves the bottle and she refilled it with filtered tap and took it out with her when she went to play. I am so surprised that they just loved it so much, I mean I always try to get them to drink water instead of juices but my son especially is never interested. I am very happy with these results!"

Challenger #12, New Jersey

Keira from New Jersey took the WAT-AAH! Challenge with her two little ones. Concerned they would still grab their favorite sodas she decided to put WAT-AAH! to the test...

"I snuck the Wat-aah! bottles into the fridge last night. When Lila (age 5) opened it up this morning, she instantly grabbed the bottle of Body. She loves it! She let me have a sip (reluctantly) and it has a really clean taste. Sam (age 3) wanted some too. He did more spilling than drinking, but the thin bottle is great for his little hands. Thanks for the WAT-AAH!, it's so cool!"

The results... WAT-AAH! For everyone!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Challenger #11, Virginia

Sarah took the WAT-AAH! Challenge with her daughter who is 17 months old ㅡ and of course loves her juice.

Sarah was skeptical like many parent attendees who initially thought: "I did not think that their was any way she would choose WAT-AAH! over a juice box."

So she decided to challenge her daughter Brea!

"The first time, she went to the fridge after I placed the WAT-AAH!, juice, and soda side by side. She picked up the juice. I decided that this was not the end of the challenge and decided to leave the WAT-AAH! and juices in the fridge and see what happens next!"

"...Later that day, she went to the fridge and guess what? She chose the WAT-AAH! She seemed to enjoy the cold water and drank quite a bit. I was so excited. For me, this is a huge accomplishment! Who would have thought Brea drinking water and enjoying it!!!"

The results...

"She may not pick the WAT-AAH! every time, but once a day would be great. She seemed to enjoy drinking the water too. In my opinion, this was a huge success! If Brea chooses water once or twice a day then that is that much less sugar she is ingesting."

Challenger #10, Massachusetts

Boston mom Julie, brought the WAT-AAH! Challenge to her son's 7th birthday party, and the results were unanimous...

"The kids LOVE saying "WAT-AAH!" They also love the picture on the bottle and the quote on the inside of the bottle... "Think SMART-AAH!"

Overall... "The WAT-AAH! was a big hit in our house!"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Challenger #9, California

Valerie - Sweeps4Bloggers - has decided to not only tell the world about the WAT-AAH! Challenge, but try it herself!

Unfortunately, Valerie has some trouble getting the water in the fridge in the first place:

"But, alas.....the Wat-Aah! didn't even make it to the refrigerator. The package was opened and the water was gone (yes, both bottles) in the blink of an eye."

Here's a picture of Valerie holding two empty bottles of WAT-AAH!, which were consumed completely during the challenge.

So what did this mom think of WAT-AAH!?

"All in all, it seems like a great way to get some extra nutrition!"

Monday, March 2, 2009

Challenger #8, Utah

Collyn - Mommies Angels - is a mother of 5 girls, ages 10, 6, 4, 2, and 10 months, and 1 boy age 8.

Collyn didn't think our water would stand a chance next to other flavored drinks in her fridge:

"I did the WAT-AAH! Challenge. I was skeptical but thought 'Hey, if it gets my kids to drink water then its worth a try, right?' So when I received it I was surprised on how kid friendly the bottle pictures were. I put them in my fridge to get cold next to milk, pop, and juice."

"The next day when the kids were playing outside and came to me to ask for a drink I told them to get something out of the fridge."

"When I got there they were pointing to the WAT-AAH! Wow!!"

Collyn is still impressed that her kids would end up picking Wataah. As she says, "I am still shocked they drank it."

Make sure you check out the video of her kids trying it out!

Challenger #7, Texas

Alyson - 3 P's in a Pod - has given her 3 Texan gals a chance to try the WAT-AAH! Challenge!

Here are her 3 girls, whose names all start with P, so they've been nicknamed P1, P2, and P3:

Fortunately Alyson shares our enthusiasm about our product:

"Let me introduce you to WAT-AAH! Come on. Say it. WAT-AAH. That’s right. Say it again. With gusto. Sound funny? That’s because you can’t just say it, you have to SCREAM IT! WAT-AAH! Now that’s better!"

P1, her first daughter, was looking for something hydrating during her soccer games.

P1 Soccer Queen needs WAH-TAH!

"Meet my cute new soccer queen, P1 - just don’t ask her if they won their first game:). While it is a constant challenge when it comes to getting her to eat healthy, I have always been grateful that she loves water. Now that she has begun playing sports like soccer and such, especially here in Texas, it is super important that she stay well hydrated."

The whole family was excited about WAT-AAH!:

"P1 was too funny when she first saw the bottles in the refrigerator - she wanted to know what was that ‘stuff‘ I had put in there. P2 could not stop raving about how silly the word WAT-AAH! was and could not decide which one she wanted to try first."

Her conclusion?

"I cannot imagine many things better to serve my kids to keep them healthy happy and hydrated through the long Texas summer ahead."

Challenger #6, Indiana

Kim - one of two moms at What's That Smell? - decided to take on the WAT-AAH! Challenge! Here's a picture of Kim touting the sweet challenge package on her blog:

"Let’s face it, if you put regular bottled water next to soft drinks or juice drinks in your fridge and let your kids decide which choice they want to drink, the water will remain in there until the end of time…or at least until there are no other options."

Well, that's what Kim thought, until she tried our challenge with her son, Jake:

"From the moment Jake saw the bottles of WAT-AAH!, he wanted one. He stalked the fridge and kept peering inside asking if he could have some “brain flavored water.” There is something totally engaging about the screaming kid on bottle the fun label colors and the shape of the bottle."

Kim acknowledges that Wat-aah isn't just a product -- it's an engaging way to get kids to prefer water over sugary drinks:

"When Jake drinks a bottle of WAT-AAH! he doesn’t just drink it, he enjoys it - from the taste to the bottle, it is an experience for him. In between drinks he looks at the bottle and screams “DRINK WAT-AHH!” right along with the kid on the package."

Challenger #5, Georgia

Angie - 5 Vinez Monkeys - and her 4 children have taken the Wataah Challenge!

Here was Angie's game plan:

"Easy enough, right? I decided to have Ashley, Zander, Jace, and Lucy participate, just to see how they would each respond. Because Sundays are impossible for us, we started the challenge this morning."

With 4 different participants, we like to consider Angie's test 4 independent Wataah Challenges! The results have to be seen to be believed:

Clearly, these 5 Monkeys know what drink is the best:

"The kids are taking to it like fish! They love it, and refuse to drink anything else. Thank you, Wat-aah for contacting me and allowing me to take part in this challenge! Your product rocks, and I love that this is such an EASY way to make my kids healthier!"

Well, we knew that.

Thanks for taking the Wataah Challenge, Angie!