Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Challenger #177, Utah

Brandy- The Buzz- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her daughter. "Well my lovely 2 yr old doesn't know what soda is she does know what PEPSI is but not by the bottle."

The Result...

My 2yr old did grab the WAT-AAH, She is very animated so she happily made some funny faces to copy the boy on the bottles!

When asked if she liked the WAT-AAH she grinned and said "good" and then I asked her what she was drinking and she would copy me and say WAT-AAH... which was pretty darn funny.

I tried the WAT-AAH, and had my hubs try it too, Hubs said it was good and he would drink it, but not instead of soda. I honestly would drink WAT-AAH it's a water that is suppose to have extras in it for your body, and again Water is my favorite drink, so we can now say so is WAT-AAH.

Challenger #175, South Carolina

Sarah- Caiafa Craziness- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kids.

The Set Up...

I placed it in the fridge and the kids have gone to town. It was placed strategically on the shelf in their view.

The Results...

I snuck up on my son who looked back and realized he was caught.

My kids have loved them. I had one out of the box that was sent. They have drank the rest. They have really enjoyed them. The pictures on the bottle are fun. We drank I think the blue one and it had a comment on the side that "we are swimming pools with legs"

My kids have been walking around stating the face. Another fact 4 of these bottles a day and you have met your quota of water for the day. We will be stocking up on WAT-AAH!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Challenger #174, Missouri

Stefanie- The Parent Support Space- Understands the importance water plays in keeping her children healthy. "Hydration is extremely important for everyone but especially kids since they can get dehydrated more easily... My oldest daughter has ADD/ADHD so drinking water is an important thing for her to do on a daily basis. However, getting her to drink anything other than Kool Aid or soda is nearly impossible!" So she decided to take The WAT-AAH! Challenge.

The Results...

When we received WAT-AAH! I have to admit that I was a little sceptical about it. I thought, ‘it’s water…in a cool bottle…my kids aren’t gonna go for this.’ But, they did! My kids couldn’t wait to open them and taste this ‘totally awesome water'. Why you ask? Because the bottle looked fun and inviting! SCORE! Finally something cool and kid friendly that will get my kids to drink more water every day. They drank it and loved it.

When I asked my oldest why she liked it so much she said, Well it tastes like regular water but the bottle is cool! Ok I hear ya, ‘so if it tastes like normal water then why does she like it? Did she ask for more?’ Well kids like things that are fun, cool and kid friendly. The bottle is very inviting with fun colors and design, so even if it tastes like normal water she is drinking it and yes, asking for more. As long as she drinks it, likes it and it gets her motivated to keep drinking water then I’m A-Ok with it!

challenger #173, Oklahoma

Jayne- Misplaced City Girl- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her family.

The Results...

Alec is my 18-year-old senior high school student who is on the go all the time. He is not much of a soda fan but he loves milk and juice. Drinking water is something I had never seen him do, voluntarily, before. When our WAT-AAH! arrived, he got into that box really fast. He loved them and all four bottles were gone within 2 hours!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Challenger #172, Virginia

Stephanie- Coupon Clippin' Mommy- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kids.

The Set Up...

My son loves juice and chocolate milk. When we open the fridge he usually goes straight for one of those. I tried the challenge on two separate occasions for this review, placing all four of the WAT-AAH! bottles on the shelf near the juice.

The Results...

The first time I opened the fridge my son picked up the chocolate sauce, put it back and starred at the WAT-AAH! bottles. The second time I opened the fridge he went right for the bottles. I think he liked the bright colors and it was something new for him to try. He picked up each one, looked at it, put it back and picked another one.

Once he had examined all of them I took out the "pink" one and let him try it. He seemed to like it and kept wanting to take another drink. He described it as "yummy" and "great."

Challenger #171, Indiana

Larry- Cake Blast- Has his New Years Resolutions set, "One of my personal resolutions is to drink fewer soft drinks and more water. I also want to encourage my 4-year old son River to drink more water, but he doesn’t care about the health benefits of choosing this perfect beverage." So he decided to take The WAT-AAH! Challenge with his kids.

The Set Up...

I placed the WAT-AAH! in the fridge next to his juices and kool-aid and waited for him to discover the bottles. He immediately spotted the bright, colorful vessels and said, “what’s that?

The Results...

When I asked River whether he wanted his juice or one of the new beverages with the cartoon kid yelling “Drink WAT-AAH!” on the label, he chose the pink bottle of WAT-AAH!

After taking a few healthy gulps, River said he “likes WAT-AAH!” Now, when he pretends to go shopping, WAT-AAH! is one of the first things on his list. River has never shown much interest in other bottled water brands.

Challenger #170, Pennsylvania

Janine- My Kids Are Fun- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kids.

The Results...

He actually did choose the WAT-AAH! over soda! I was pretty surprised because he’s not much of a water drinker unless it’s flavored, but he drank the whole bottle!

I have to say, whoever designed these bottles is a genius! They immediately attracted my son. The bright colors and the screaming cartoon kid really appealed to Jacob. The bottle is not as wide as other water bottles, so it fits perfectly in smaller hands.

When Jake was getting his Energy WAT-AAH!, Juliet sneaked in and grabbed the pink Body WAT-AAH! and ran off with it to the couch. She doesn’t drink out of a water bottle yet, but when she was done playing with it, I put some in her sippy cup. No complaints from her either!

This product is really great for those kids who choose sugary drinks over water!