Thursday, August 5, 2010

Challenger # 203, Ohio

Brianne - Just Trying To Save Money - Took the WAT-AAH! Challenge with her daughters.

The Set up...

With all the choices out there of kids drinks, it is hard to get them to drink more water. Soda, fruit juice, lemonade, punches, flavored water, all filled with sugar and no nutritional value. My girls are pretty good about drinking water but I do tend to see them "like" drinks that have fun catchy logos on them. So when asked to try out WAT-AAH!, my first thought was what a interesting name and such a fun logo!!"

The Results...

"My girls and I tried WAT-AAH! and I was very impressed. It tastes just like water, no funny tastes, just plain, clean water!! But I think the most important thing was that my girls thought the bottle was so cool, making them want me to buy more!"

"They carried that bottle of water around the whole day. They also sported the tattoos around for a few days, as you can see!!"

Challenger # 202, California

Jessica - And Then There Were 4 - Took the WAT-AAH! Challenge with her son.

The Set up...

"Cohen was SO excited when our WAT-AAH! came in the mail! Even the box has the little boy's face screaming on it! :)"

The Results...

"He thought he was so funny! And he didn't even want me to put them in the fridge to cool down! He wanted to drink out of the awesome bottle right then! Of course, I let him! I'd Never say no to drinking water, especially WAT-AAH!"

"Then he was stacking them like bowling pins, knocking them over and cracking up! haha!"

"I DO believe the verdict in our house is that we all love WAT-AAH!"