Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Challenger #70, Louisiana

Susan- Life in a House of Blue- admits it is a battle to get her kids to drink less juice and sodas, therefore she decided to take The WAT-AAH! Challenge! "My boys tend to want to drink mainly juice or milk and always beg for soda. In the HOT summer months here down south, I know they are not getting the water they need!"

The Results...

"The first thing that I noticed when I received it was the cool labels. Then I put the bottles in the refrigerator along with the regular beverages we had and wanted to see my boys reaction when they went to get something to drink. My older boys came in from playing outside and went straight to the refrigerator, open it up and my oldest said “ What is this…. Can we have it” I said sure. Next thing I know my little one joined the big boys and had a bottle for himself also. When I asked my older boys why they like drinking the WAT-AAH!, one said it was "because the labels are cool” and the other said “ I like saying the name over and over".

Challenger #69, North Carolina

Samantha- As They Grow Up- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kids, even though they do love water, they still don't get ENOUGH! "My two year old is extremely active and loves playing outdoors. Even as hot as it is outside, he refuses to come in. I know I am lucky that he has always loved water, so when we had the opportunity to give WAT-AAH! a try I was excited!"

The Results...

"My son and daughter immediately wanted to give it a try once it arrived. They knew it was water, but the label alone made them want to reach for the WAT-AAH! over the regular bottled water in the fridge. Even my daughter that complains about taking water to school daily, asked to take a bottle with her lunch the next day."

Here is a video of her son's first sip of WAT-AAH!

Challenger #68, California

Susannah- The Funky Monkey- Mother of two, loved the ideas of having a water made especially for her kids. "Who knew my children would have to fight for the right to their waters! My son took some to baseball practice and enjoyed every last drop. My daughter took one to dance. They were a hit!"

Usually a mom who has to pry her children away from sugary drinks, this time Susannah found something good for them that they truly would drink!

"I have to pry my children away from sugary drinks. We just don't keep them in the house anymore. It's water or milk and 9 times out of 10, they choose milk. However, when I received these cool water bottles it was a whole different story. They wanted to drink water and I was thrilled!

The bottles are super kid-friendly. Just look at them. They're FUN!"