Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: Colorado (2009)

Cassandra- Snips and Snails- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her family.

The Results...

So the minute when the kids woke up... Carter opened the fridge and said, "WOW! What are these mom? Can I have one?"

Of Course, I told him to take one! He loved it! He loved the design on the front and the cool little blurb of information on the back! My kids loved the and I am sure yours will too!

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: Massachusetts (2009)

Nicole- Good Golly Miss Blondie- had been hearing all of the raves about The WAT-AAH! Challenge, and just had to try it out for herself.

The setup...

Nicole placed the WAT-AAH! next to his little cans and next to the juices to see what he would do.Curious he was, this is him inspecting the WAT-AAH! asking, "What is this?"

The results...

"Okay, so not only did he choose the WAT-AAH! over the soda and juice but her sat there and drank it like it wasn't out of the ordinary. When I asked him what he thought he said, "Its plain water, but mama, can you buy me this kind from now on? I like the bottle." So all in all I'd say this was a success and WAT-AAH! proved the challenge to be right!"

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: Utah (2009)

Rachel-Second Time Around- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her son who is a soda LOVER!

The Set Up...

Well, we never have soda in our house because (thanks to relatives) Tobin has discovered soda and loves it! He goes crazy for it, which is partly why we never have it. So, in order to do this challenge I went and bought a bottle of soda. I honestly thought he would choose the soda, just because he knows what that is and we never have it... I tried it the challenge on four different days.

The Results...

Every time he wanted WAT-AAH! I was shocked! Even after he tasted it, which I also tasted and it just tastes like water, he still wanted it. He loved it! I am so impressed!

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: California (2009)

Rhea- Mommy 23 Monkeys- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her 3 sons a.k.a "The Monkeys!"

The Set Up...

"I put our WAT-AAH! in the fridge next to some strawberry soda. I’m sneaky like that…

I actually had to tell the boys to get out of the fridge and wait for the drinks to be cold. They wanted them BAD!"

The Results...

After holding them off for about an hour, Mr. A. grabbed his WAT-AAH! He said: “mommy. This just tastes like water. It’s plain. It’s good.

So I took the bottle from him and read the back (which was our favorite part…reading the fun stories on the bottles). Then Mr. A. went around the rest of the day,look at my muscles! I’m STRONG-AAH!!

All three of my boys drank all four bottles of WAT-AAH! in one day. They had a ton of fun doing it, too. This was no boring water, that’s for sure!!"

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: New York (2009)

Angela took The WAT-AAH! Challenge, and here is what her daughter had to say...

Dear WAT-AAH!,

You are my favorite drink because you have a pink label and taste really good and because it's fun to say your name like this: "WAT-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!"

5 years old

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: California 2009

Monica- Life is Sooo Good...- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her daughter, Penelope.

The Results...

I wasn't the least bit surprised when Penelope reached for WAT-AAH! when I opened up the fridge. I happily filled her sippy up more then once. The bright and fun packaging grabbed her attention first and the fresh taste brought her back for more!

I understand that there are parents out there that can't seem to get their kids to drink "boring, tasteless" water. But with marketing aimed at being more exciting, desirable and cool to today's youth I think kids everywhere will soon be reaching for some WAT-AAH! over those other sugar laden drinks. At least I hope so!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: Illinois (2009)

Tricia- Night Owl Mama- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her daughter. "I'll try anything to get my daughter to grab a water bottle for lunch instead of a sugar loaded drink box that she normally grabs and shoves in her Hello Kitty lunch box every day."

The Set up...

The WAT-AAH! bottles arrived and I put them in fridge to get cold. After school my daughter immediately has to have a after school snack and a juice box or soda. She opened the fridge and...

B: "Hey! What's this?! Waaaaaaaat- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Where did this come from?"
Me: (I acted like I had no clue what she was talking about.) "Huh?" I yelled back.
B: "This bottle of Wat-aah or water or the bottle with the crazy faced screaming (I can hear her giggling) kid on it" Is this gonna turn my tongue the color of the writing on the bottle?"
Me: "Gosh If I know" I yelled back.
I think they are warm though I just put them in.
B: OH! Okay.

The Results...

The Next morning she was getting her lunch ready for school. I reminded her like I do every morning, "Don't 4get to grab something to drink." She went to the fridge and looked for a few seconds turning around with a a bottle of WAT-AAH! "I can't wait to see what this taste like." She said, as she shoved it in her lunch box.

B: "MOM! You know that bottle of WAT-AAH! I took to school? Well, all the kids saw me drinking it and they all wanted to know what I was drinking and where you got it and how it tasted. They wouldn't leave me alone. It was so funny, because you know what? They thought you made it! And you know what else? It taste like Water"
Me: They thought I made it? That's silly. Taste like plain water?
B: Really, and ya know what else? I think I felt taller after I drank WAT-AAH! I sure like saying Waaaaaaat-aaah mom. Can I have the green bottle when we get home?"

Well beat that! Wat-aah wins over juice and soda pop!!!

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: California (2009)

Jazzy- NerdLike- Took The WAT-AAH Challenge. A difficult challenge she thought it might be for both her and her kids, "I am the pickiest water drinker. Though some might say that water all tastes the same, I can guarantee you that it doesn’t; with some tasting thick, sweet, clean and of course….bad. On top of that, my kids aren’t huge water fans either."

The Results...

Everyone in my house loved WAT-AHH! Personally, I liked the Energy, which had a super light and crisp flavor. My husband liked the Brain, which he said reminded him of Figi and the kids each had their favorites as well. Not only did I get them to drink the full bottle but my eldest son asked to take it to school because the bottle was ’so cool’.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: Minnesota (2009)

Jenna- A Mom's Balancing Act- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her daughter. "When Kaelyn was younger, it was much easier to get her to drink water. As she's gotten older, I find it's a struggle to get her to want anything but milk and juice."

The Set Up...

We simply placed the four bottles of WAT-AAH! in our fridge next to regular bottled water, sodas and sugary juices. We let our two year old daughter Kaelyn choose what she wanted to drink.
The Result...

Without a second thought she went straight for the WAT-AAH! I was shocked. She normally would be begging for milk or juice. She immediately grabbed for the "pink" WAT-AAH! saying "ooo...pink".

After taking a drink she said "It's great!" It was wonderful as a mother to see my little girl so thrilled to be drinking water...a beverage that was not an easy one to get her to drink in the past.

Kaelyn is proof, along with the other 1600+ children who have taken the challenge, that the kid-friendly and very appealing WAT-AAH! design, name and logo really does help to encourage kids to drink water over other sugary drinks.