Sunday, September 18, 2011

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: Minnesota (2009)

Jenna- A Mom's Balancing Act- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her daughter. "When Kaelyn was younger, it was much easier to get her to drink water. As she's gotten older, I find it's a struggle to get her to want anything but milk and juice."

The Set Up...

We simply placed the four bottles of WAT-AAH! in our fridge next to regular bottled water, sodas and sugary juices. We let our two year old daughter Kaelyn choose what she wanted to drink.
The Result...

Without a second thought she went straight for the WAT-AAH! I was shocked. She normally would be begging for milk or juice. She immediately grabbed for the "pink" WAT-AAH! saying "ooo...pink".

After taking a drink she said "It's great!" It was wonderful as a mother to see my little girl so thrilled to be drinking water...a beverage that was not an easy one to get her to drink in the past.

Kaelyn is proof, along with the other 1600+ children who have taken the challenge, that the kid-friendly and very appealing WAT-AAH! design, name and logo really does help to encourage kids to drink water over other sugary drinks.

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