Monday, July 20, 2009

Challenger #71, Maryland

Amanda- Parenting BY Dummies- kicked off The WAT-AAH! Summer Challenge with her three boys! They were thrilled by the sight of the bottles.

Here are the FIRST results of The WAT-AAH! Summer Challenge!

"WAT-AAH! comes in these skinnier bottles (easier for little hands to hold) featuring a big mouthed, screaming boy on the label. For whatever reason they loved this and spent the next few moments imitating big-mouthed-screaming-logo-boy by making silent screaming faces while they drank their water...They like the packaging, so they like the product. They asked me for more WAT-AAH! later when we left for the park, and again when we got back. And, when I informed them it was all gone they gave a heartfelt, "Ah, Man!"