Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Challenger #55, New York

Jennifer- JenniferSuarez.com- was excited The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her girls but like many was wondering if it would REALLY work...

"The idea behind the WAT-AAH! brand is that the attractive packaging will help draw the kids to it.
I have to admit, the bottles ARE super cute. But I wondered... would it be enough to persuade my girls to choose them?"

She placed the bottles in the fridge... ...and then asked the girls what they wanted to drink.

Here's what happened...

"Overall they both really enjoyed it. As a Mom I was happy to see them drinking something other than juice or another sugary drink. Bonus? The WAT-AAH! Brain contains electrolytes to help keep them going.

After downing both bottles my oldest daughter summed it up best when she said...
"Mom?? I know it's empty but can we PLEASE keep the bottles?"

Challenger #54, Wisconsin

Sarah- Tried The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kids. Unfortunately, it was not the first drink they noticed.

"I sat ready with the camera and my son didn't seem to notice the
WAT-AAH! *Sigh*"

But... Once they see it the just cant resist!

"Then, out of the blue, a few days ago my preschooler emerged from the kitchen, with WAT-AAH! in hand. I automatically replied "Did you ask for a drink?" because he isn't supposed to help himself without checking with a grown-up. He replied - "I didn't have to, Mom. I know this water is for me! It's water for kids!"

He knew the WAT-AAH! was for him! And he was excited to drink it!

Challenger #53, Florida

Carly and Conner from Florida took The WAT-AAH! Challenge. They both chose the WAT-AAH! And love it so much they even made videos to share their EXCITEMENT!

Challenger #52, Georgia

Alicia- The Mommy Insider- took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kids. Here is what she had to say....

"Do kids ever WANT to drink water? When WAT-AAH!'s available mine do!
When I put WAT-AAH! in the fridge in cluster of milk, regular bottled water, and apple juice, Sebastian chose WAT-AAH!. The first time he chose WAT-AAH!, he said it was out of curiosity but he enjoyed it. Just a little while later he chose WAT-AAH! again, over apple juice. When I asked why he chose WAT-AAH! over the apple juice, he said it was "because the bottle is cool and looks fun". I asked him about the lack of flavor and if he felt like his thirst was quenched and he replied with a simple "It's water mom. Water doesn't have flavor and I'm not thirsty right now, I just drank some water". That was a bit of a smart-alic answer but he was being truthful. It is in fact water, and after drinking about 1/3rd of the bottle of WAT-AAH! he wasn't thirst anymore!"

Challenger #51, New York

Wendy had her daughter take The WAT-AAH! Challenge. Choose WAT-AAH!, she did! See what she had to say...

"I put the bottles in the refrigerator right next to the soda bottles. As soon as my daughter came home, she asked me right away, " Whats this new drink?" I told her it was a healthier water and she was welcome to try if she wanted to. She enjoyed reading the description of the bottle, and as soon as she tried it she loved it! She keeps asking me when we are going to buy more!"

Challenger #50, California

Kathleen from California took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her two kids. Even though they did not choose the WAT-AAH! right away, once they learned it was just water, but better for ya-aah! The LOVED it!

"My kids did not drink the water at first. BUT when I explained that it contained vitamins and brain food, they both drank one and said that it was good!! I am sure that they will drink it more often now that they know it is good for them. They love the name. WAT-AAH!"

Friday, April 24, 2009

Challenger #49, Utah

Gena- The Morris Bunch- Had her girls take The WAT-AAH! Challenge.

The results...

"As you can see my girls PREFER the water and the bottles! The colors really attracted them!"

Watch Here!


Challenger #48, California

Hank-Shotgun Daddy- Was a little skeptical about having his kids try yet another water.... "I know what you're thinking, believe me, I do. At this stage in the game, when we've got about seventeen thousand different varieties of flavored water, filtered water, vitamin-enhanced water, and brought-down-to-Earth-by-aliens water, why in the world would we ever need yet another version of that which already flows freely from our faucets?

But he decided to give The WAT-AAH! Challenge a try.

"Well, without commenting on the water industry in general, let me tell you this: my kids absolutely love WAT-AAH! WAT-AAH!"

And here is how The Challenge went...

Anyway, the good people at WAT-AAH! were nice enough to send me a few samples so I could run a simple test. The idea was that I would put a couple bottles in the refrigerator next to some soda or Gatorade and see what my kids would pick. It was a nice idea in theory, except for one problem. They never made it to the fridge. My kids descended as soon as I opened the package, and the bottles were gone. As pictured above, my daughter grabbed one to take to her basketball game, and she definitely preferred it to Gatorade.

The only bad news I can see in this whole thing is that even though WAT-AAH! is currently available in twenty-eight states, you still can't buy it in California, which is a drag. (If you're lucky enough to live in NYC, you can get it almost anywhere, but if you live anywhere west of the Mississippi, you'll have to order it from Amazon.com.)

But please try it -- I know you and your kids will love it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Challenger #47, North Carolina

Christy- The Write Gal- decided to see if her little one would pick water over soda. "The Little Write Gal recently took The WAT-AAH! Challenge. She picked WAT-AAH! over soda. I am going to have to get some more of this stuff!"

See the results....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Challenger #45, Connecticut

Stacy- Milford, CT Mom took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her little ones.

"My children who drank it are 2 and 4 and usually only drink milk, water and sometimes watered down juice. The first thing my 4 year old commented on was 'how cool' that bottle was, how it looked better than my bottle of water especially! She did not notice a difference really in taste she just said that it was good. She did choose it over anything else that she is allowed to choose from. My 2 year old did not really comment but pointed to that each time I asked her what she would like to drink for as long as the bottle was in there!"

Even though they didn't say much, they still chose the WAT-AAH! and it kept them coming back for more!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Challenger #44, New Jersey

Valerie- Mom Knows It All, thought it would be interesting to take The WAT-AAH! Challenge in her household to see how the kids would react. She like many mothers doesn't let her kids drink much soda, so she decided to challenge other water brands.

The set up...

I placed the bottles of WAT-AAH! on a shelf in the frig with a bottle of Poland Spring water and bottles of two different flavors of Fruit2O.

The results...

"My son came into the living room, where I was on the computer, and said “Mom, what’s up with these?” and drank it before I could answer. I checked the frig and all of the other drinks were still there. I’m confident the packaging is what made him take that one over the others. I’d say that in our own way he did pass the WAT-AAH challenge!"

Challenger #43, Ohio

Maureen- Aunt Rene, Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her niece and nephew, but gained more challengers than just those two....

The set up...

I placed the WAT-AAH! in the refrigerator next to an assortment of other things, apple juice, milk, soda, bottles of water, tea, orange juice. It was all in there. My nephew who is 12 arrived home from school first and of course straight to the Fridge he went. Stands there holding the door open forever and checking out what is in there to eat and drink.

The results...

Hey, he say's what is this stuff that says WAT-AAH! and can I have it... with that and drinks the WAT-AAH! Brain. He loved the bottle, and one of his friends stopped by later and they finished it off.


Along came my 8 year old niece. She had part of the WAT-AAH! Body and shared with 2 of my 3 year old day care kiddos who never want to try anything, picky... They all loved the bottle as well and my niece left with the rest of the WAT-AAH! on to Gymnastics she went.

So, it was a hit. 2 for 2.. Both bottles of WAT-AAH! were picked over all the other drinks in the refrigerator. Fantastic!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Challenger #42, Tennessee

Lori is the creator of SuperNoots, the magnetic food chart and interactive shopping list work together to both educate and empower kids to make healthy food choices. She loved the idea of The WAT-AAH! Challenge and was excited to what her kids would think. "In my opinion, fruit juices are sneaky little sugar devils, because many parents out there think the word “fruit” automatically means healthy. Insisting that kids make water a regular part of their day is a good thing!"

Lori took the challenge with her three kids, and nephew. "When they saw the cute bottles with the kid screaming his head off, they were intrigued, and excited!"

The results...

Biscuit opted for WAT-AAH! for bones!

Red chose WAT-AAH! for the brain! The natural choice for my middle child, who already at two-years-old, knows it all.

Blondie chose WAT-AAH! for the body! I’d like to say there’s a reason she chose it, but truthfully, the label was pink, so the boys stuck her with it.

And lastly, my nephew, otherwise known as “Phew!” because this wild man will flat run circles around you. So, of course, he chose WAT-AAH! for energy!

The verdict? Delicious! Yum! That's good, Mommy! We took their G2 drinks out of their lunchbox to make room for their fabulous WAT-AAH! bottles. Biscuit especially couldn’t wait to tell his friends that he had bigger bones today than yesterday. All this excitement over drinking water makes me one of WAT-AAH's biggest fans!

Challenger #41, Florida

Morgan- Vero Beach, FL took The WAT-AAH! Challenge. She choose the WAT-AAH! not just once, but is now calling it "her water" and taking it every where she goes.

"She was so excited when she saw WAT-AAH! she went right to the fridge grabbed it saying...."I love my water". Once she tried it... "I want to drink my "WAT-AAH!" and not soda."

"She even took the WAT-AAH! to soccer later that day. Hugging her "WAT-AAH!" bottle at soccer practice, she was so excited to have her "WAT-AAH!" and running across the field with it and drinking almost the whole bottle which she would never do with a regular water!

I was so amazed when she asked to take it to school the next day... She told me "WAT-AAH!" makes me smart and do better in school"......about the Brain WAT-AAH!.....her favorite."

Challenger #40, New York

Amy Poret of Sleepy Hollow, NY and her friend Debbie Allen did The WAT-AAH! Challenge with their four kids with a twist.

The set up...

They met at the local YMCA and Amy brought juice boxes and WAT-AAH! along with snacks for the kids to enjoy on their active play date.

The results...

To her surprise, all the kids were intrigued by the WAT-AAH! and opted for the new "cool" beverage instead of the same-old same-old, so they all chose WAT-AAH! ***Except for Henry (age 5) who picked the juice and refused to be photographed!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Challenger #39, Texas

Texas mom, Courtney was thrilled when she heard about participating in The WAT-AAH! Challenge. "When I received the WAT-AAH! I put it in the fridge so it would be cold when they got home. The first thing they always do is head to the fridge to get something to drink (usually soda) and a snack."

The results...

First... When they got home my youngest (8) saw it first and said "what's this?" I told him it was water. He said it looked "cool" and wanted to now if he could have it? I told him of course he could. He was so excited. He thought it was so neat!

Second... My teen girls came in next and my 14 year old saw the WAT-AAH! bottle first and asked the same thing as my 8 year old.. she then asked if she could have it and I told her yes. She said it was awesome! She loved the pink on the bottle.

Third... When my 15 year old saw what the 14 year old had she opened the fridge and asked "Where's mine?" I told her I only got two so she was a bit bummed. I told her to share with her sister an she did but lil' sis wasn't happy sharing! lol, kids! I really think this is a great way to get kids to drink more water. They thought it looked cool and though it tasted great too. It was the first thing all of them grabbed!

Challenger #38, Washington

Shannon- The Mommy Files- Loved the idea behind The WAT-AAH! Challenge. She was curious to see if her kids would choose water or soda.

The results...

"They drank the WAT-AAH! and loved it! They were excited that they now had their own water bottles (instead of taking mine). As a mom, I think that the outside of the container has a huge impact on a child's desire to drink it (thinking of juice boxes and Kool-Aid containers). With the clear bottle and colorful child on the front of the WAT-AAH! bottle, kids know it's for them - making it a kid-friendly drink! Not to mention, it will help them get the water they need! Way to go WAT-AAH!"

Challenger #37, Iowa

Iowa mom, Marlena took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her little ones and found it to be a HUGE success!

The setup...

"My toddler is addicted to anything that comes in a box with a straw (milk, juice, etc.). So, I lined up her favorite milk, juice and a bottle of WAT-AAH! She proceeded to look at the fridge with the utmost curiosity...a new beverage?? a fun bottle? bright colors? hmmmmm...she reached for it and just like any good spokes child would say...asked "mama, wataah??"

The results...

She really does say it just like it sounds...it's so cute! She loved it and I loved it as I knew she was getting a healthy drink minus all the sugary extras that she doesn't need in the first place. So, thank you! The challenge worked and if I ever see your products on the shelf...I am sure to buy them!!

Challenger #36, Maine

Rhonda, mom of 3 took The WAT-AAH! Challenge.

The Results...

"Yes, kids can choose WAT-AAH! over soda! I had 3 kids fighting over which one was going to smarter and stronger!

My 7 year old proclaimed WAT-AAH! the perfect drink with TAH-COS! ( And yes, both were yelled really loud!)"

Challenger #35, Washington

Noreen- Silly Mom of 2 Silly Girls- took The WAT-AAH! Challenge. She does not always give her kids soda, but this particular day she had been asking for it!

The Results...

"I put the WAT-AAH! right next to the soda and told her she could get whatever she wanted to drink from the fridge. She was so excited that I was going to let her have soda what when she opened the fridge. Princess A saw the WAT-AAH! and skipped right over the soda to grab it. WOW!"

Challenger #34, Wisconsin

Father, David of Waukesha, WI took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with his son.

The results...

"You were right! I put the 2 bottles you sent into the fridge and waited. We made supper and my son asked if he could have a soda. I said okay... and a few seconds later he came back with the bottle of WAT-AAH! He said, "Can I have this?"

Challenger #33, Hawaii

Gem- Sage and Savvy- mom of 2, decided to take The WAT-AAH! Challenge she says because, "If DS1 had his way, he’d drink juice and fruit punch all the time--at every meal, and even during snack time!"

The set up...

"I placed a juice box on a shelf in the refrigerator along with a bottle of Body WAT-AAH! DS1 started to reach for the juice box, but then he grabbed the WAT-AAH!"

Not being a TRUE believer Gem gave The Challenge another try.

"The next day I “challenged” DS1 again, this time with the bottle of Brain WAT-AAH! Once again, he started to reach for the juice box, but then he saw the bottle of WAT-AAH! and grabbed that instead. And, just as he did with the Body WAT-AAH!, he gulped it down."

The results...

"I was quite amazed.
DS1 loves WAT-AAH! He just gulped the WAT-AAH! like it was the tastiest thing he ever drank."

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Challenger #32, Maryland

Brooke- Wee Shenanigans- like most mother's feared that her son was not drinking enough water."Many of you know that my husband does not drink much water and I fear my son has started to follow in his footsteps. He is at that stage where he does everything daddy does so I thought why not try WAT-AHH! and see what happens..." So she took The WAT-AAH! Challenge a try with her son.

The setup...

They were placed in the drink refrigerator and we waited. Normally, he comes home from school and sits in front of the drinks while deciding which one he wants and then comes running to me and asking if he can have it.

The results...

This time he sat down. Looked at all the drinks and then surprisingly grabbed the WAT-AHH! and asked if it was his. After getting the okay to drink it he didn't even get up before taking his first sip.

When asked how it tasted he say "Like mmm B-O-D-Y... It's good..." So, I took a sip and well it tastes just like it should... Plain.... Simple... Clean... Crisp... Water!

Challenger #31, Ohio

Elena Steinberg (Age 14) from Beachwood, Ohio took The WAT-AAH! Challenge.

Elana's mom, Linda placed the WAT-AAH! amongst plenty of soda, Snapple, juice and milk as well as regular water.........

Elana went straight to the brain WAT-AAH! and said "Mom, what's this stuff? its so cute!"

She couldn't stop smiling.....which is very irregular for a 14 year old girl!

Elana drinks water all the time, but said she would rather drink the WAT-AAH! because of how cute and fun the bottle was.

She said she'll still have soda sometimes, but that when it comes to water, she'd rather have WAT-AAH!...


Challenger #30, Georgia

Julie- The Gerber Babies Blog- took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her son. "The catchy WAT-AAH! bottles are a kid friendly design. The child featured on the label opens wide and screams Drink WAT-AAH! I think my child heard him because we took the challenge and guess what? WAT-AAH! happened to be his very first choice!"

Her son is not the hugest soda drinker... "He may have a glass of Sprite when we go out to eat. He's very big on skim milk and juice. But since I left two bottles of WAT-AAH! in the refrigerator, he has decided that it is his favorite beverage. I couldn't be happier!"

Challenger #29, California

California Mom Michelle, was all set to take The WAT-AAH! Challenge.

"Yesterday, I was all set up with my camera to take pictures of the challenge using the second bottle of water you sent me. My daughter opens the refrigerator....and no wat-aah bottle!!! I thought I was losing my mind. I remembered putting it in there the day before."

Looks like someone else just couldn't resist WAT-AAH!

"Hmmm...I asked my husband. Well, my nephew drank it the night before. This in itself is a huge deal because he usually never wants to drink water. I talked to my sister in law about it, she was impressed... My friends and family are very interested in it! When it is available out here, you know you have some customers!"

Challenger #28, Utah

Sharla- The Giveaway- took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her boys. "I was excited to try out this challenge with my kids, we're always up for something new, and how can I argue with, well, water?"

The setup...

The results...

Maybe we were the wrong test subjects because we never have soda, or juice. We have water and milk. I'm always encouraging them to drink water. I've even caught my four year old drinking straight out of our water purifier pitcher in the fridge. One thing I do know for sure....My kids love the cute bottles!... My boys will keep those bottles and fill them up time and time again I'm sure. I hope that's not cheating.....