Monday, April 13, 2009

Challenger #44, New Jersey

Valerie- Mom Knows It All, thought it would be interesting to take The WAT-AAH! Challenge in her household to see how the kids would react. She like many mothers doesn't let her kids drink much soda, so she decided to challenge other water brands.

The set up...

I placed the bottles of WAT-AAH! on a shelf in the frig with a bottle of Poland Spring water and bottles of two different flavors of Fruit2O.

The results...

"My son came into the living room, where I was on the computer, and said “Mom, what’s up with these?” and drank it before I could answer. I checked the frig and all of the other drinks were still there. I’m confident the packaging is what made him take that one over the others. I’d say that in our own way he did pass the WAT-AAH challenge!"

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