Friday, April 10, 2009

Challenger #41, Florida

Morgan- Vero Beach, FL took The WAT-AAH! Challenge. She choose the WAT-AAH! not just once, but is now calling it "her water" and taking it every where she goes.

"She was so excited when she saw WAT-AAH! she went right to the fridge grabbed it saying...."I love my water". Once she tried it... "I want to drink my "WAT-AAH!" and not soda."

"She even took the WAT-AAH! to soccer later that day. Hugging her "WAT-AAH!" bottle at soccer practice, she was so excited to have her "WAT-AAH!" and running across the field with it and drinking almost the whole bottle which she would never do with a regular water!

I was so amazed when she asked to take it to school the next day... She told me "WAT-AAH!" makes me smart and do better in school"......about the Brain WAT-AAH!.....her favorite."

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