Friday, April 10, 2009

Challenger #42, Tennessee

Lori is the creator of SuperNoots, the magnetic food chart and interactive shopping list work together to both educate and empower kids to make healthy food choices. She loved the idea of The WAT-AAH! Challenge and was excited to what her kids would think. "In my opinion, fruit juices are sneaky little sugar devils, because many parents out there think the word “fruit” automatically means healthy. Insisting that kids make water a regular part of their day is a good thing!"

Lori took the challenge with her three kids, and nephew. "When they saw the cute bottles with the kid screaming his head off, they were intrigued, and excited!"

The results...

Biscuit opted for WAT-AAH! for bones!

Red chose WAT-AAH! for the brain! The natural choice for my middle child, who already at two-years-old, knows it all.

Blondie chose WAT-AAH! for the body! I’d like to say there’s a reason she chose it, but truthfully, the label was pink, so the boys stuck her with it.

And lastly, my nephew, otherwise known as “Phew!” because this wild man will flat run circles around you. So, of course, he chose WAT-AAH! for energy!

The verdict? Delicious! Yum! That's good, Mommy! We took their G2 drinks out of their lunchbox to make room for their fabulous WAT-AAH! bottles. Biscuit especially couldn’t wait to tell his friends that he had bigger bones today than yesterday. All this excitement over drinking water makes me one of WAT-AAH's biggest fans!

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