Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Challenger #55, New York

Jennifer- JenniferSuarez.com- was excited The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her girls but like many was wondering if it would REALLY work...

"The idea behind the WAT-AAH! brand is that the attractive packaging will help draw the kids to it.
I have to admit, the bottles ARE super cute. But I wondered... would it be enough to persuade my girls to choose them?"

She placed the bottles in the fridge... ...and then asked the girls what they wanted to drink.

Here's what happened...

"Overall they both really enjoyed it. As a Mom I was happy to see them drinking something other than juice or another sugary drink. Bonus? The WAT-AAH! Brain contains electrolytes to help keep them going.

After downing both bottles my oldest daughter summed it up best when she said...
"Mom?? I know it's empty but can we PLEASE keep the bottles?"

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