Friday, April 24, 2009

Challenger #48, California

Hank-Shotgun Daddy- Was a little skeptical about having his kids try yet another water.... "I know what you're thinking, believe me, I do. At this stage in the game, when we've got about seventeen thousand different varieties of flavored water, filtered water, vitamin-enhanced water, and brought-down-to-Earth-by-aliens water, why in the world would we ever need yet another version of that which already flows freely from our faucets?

But he decided to give The WAT-AAH! Challenge a try.

"Well, without commenting on the water industry in general, let me tell you this: my kids absolutely love WAT-AAH! WAT-AAH!"

And here is how The Challenge went...

Anyway, the good people at WAT-AAH! were nice enough to send me a few samples so I could run a simple test. The idea was that I would put a couple bottles in the refrigerator next to some soda or Gatorade and see what my kids would pick. It was a nice idea in theory, except for one problem. They never made it to the fridge. My kids descended as soon as I opened the package, and the bottles were gone. As pictured above, my daughter grabbed one to take to her basketball game, and she definitely preferred it to Gatorade.

The only bad news I can see in this whole thing is that even though WAT-AAH! is currently available in twenty-eight states, you still can't buy it in California, which is a drag. (If you're lucky enough to live in NYC, you can get it almost anywhere, but if you live anywhere west of the Mississippi, you'll have to order it from Amazon.com.)

But please try it -- I know you and your kids will love it.

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