Monday, September 19, 2011

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: California (2009)

Jazzy- NerdLike- Took The WAT-AAH Challenge. A difficult challenge she thought it might be for both her and her kids, "I am the pickiest water drinker. Though some might say that water all tastes the same, I can guarantee you that it doesn’t; with some tasting thick, sweet, clean and of course….bad. On top of that, my kids aren’t huge water fans either."

The Results...

Everyone in my house loved WAT-AHH! Personally, I liked the Energy, which had a super light and crisp flavor. My husband liked the Brain, which he said reminded him of Figi and the kids each had their favorites as well. Not only did I get them to drink the full bottle but my eldest son asked to take it to school because the bottle was ’so cool’.

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