Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The WAT-AAH! Challenge Results: Massachusetts (2009)

Nicole- Good Golly Miss Blondie- had been hearing all of the raves about The WAT-AAH! Challenge, and just had to try it out for herself.

The setup...

Nicole placed the WAT-AAH! next to his little cans and next to the juices to see what he would do.Curious he was, this is him inspecting the WAT-AAH! asking, "What is this?"

The results...

"Okay, so not only did he choose the WAT-AAH! over the soda and juice but her sat there and drank it like it wasn't out of the ordinary. When I asked him what he thought he said, "Its plain water, but mama, can you buy me this kind from now on? I like the bottle." So all in all I'd say this was a success and WAT-AAH! proved the challenge to be right!"

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