Thursday, March 12, 2009

Challenger #13, Virginia

Virgina mom, Melissa put her kids up to the WAT-AAH! Challenge. "My daughter is a water drinker... It's my 11 y/o son is the one I was skeptical about...."

The results...

"The WAT-AHH challenge!
worked well for us!!! I was not too surprised that she chose the WAT-AHH! (with the pink label of course). My son, he took the WAT-AHH! out of the fridge and asked me what it was. I told him it was a new brand of water and he replied with "Oh... Can I have it?" I was sure he was going to put it right back but he didn't! My daughter wants me to get more, she just loves the bottle and she refilled it with filtered tap and took it out with her when she went to play. I am so surprised that they just loved it so much, I mean I always try to get them to drink water instead of juices but my son especially is never interested. I am very happy with these results!"

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