Monday, March 2, 2009

Challenger #6, Indiana

Kim - one of two moms at What's That Smell? - decided to take on the WAT-AAH! Challenge! Here's a picture of Kim touting the sweet challenge package on her blog:

"Let’s face it, if you put regular bottled water next to soft drinks or juice drinks in your fridge and let your kids decide which choice they want to drink, the water will remain in there until the end of time…or at least until there are no other options."

Well, that's what Kim thought, until she tried our challenge with her son, Jake:

"From the moment Jake saw the bottles of WAT-AAH!, he wanted one. He stalked the fridge and kept peering inside asking if he could have some “brain flavored water.” There is something totally engaging about the screaming kid on bottle the fun label colors and the shape of the bottle."

Kim acknowledges that Wat-aah isn't just a product -- it's an engaging way to get kids to prefer water over sugary drinks:

"When Jake drinks a bottle of WAT-AAH! he doesn’t just drink it, he enjoys it - from the taste to the bottle, it is an experience for him. In between drinks he looks at the bottle and screams “DRINK WAT-AHH!” right along with the kid on the package."

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