Monday, March 2, 2009

Challenger #7, Texas

Alyson - 3 P's in a Pod - has given her 3 Texan gals a chance to try the WAT-AAH! Challenge!

Here are her 3 girls, whose names all start with P, so they've been nicknamed P1, P2, and P3:

Fortunately Alyson shares our enthusiasm about our product:

"Let me introduce you to WAT-AAH! Come on. Say it. WAT-AAH. That’s right. Say it again. With gusto. Sound funny? That’s because you can’t just say it, you have to SCREAM IT! WAT-AAH! Now that’s better!"

P1, her first daughter, was looking for something hydrating during her soccer games.

P1 Soccer Queen needs WAH-TAH!

"Meet my cute new soccer queen, P1 - just don’t ask her if they won their first game:). While it is a constant challenge when it comes to getting her to eat healthy, I have always been grateful that she loves water. Now that she has begun playing sports like soccer and such, especially here in Texas, it is super important that she stay well hydrated."

The whole family was excited about WAT-AAH!:

"P1 was too funny when she first saw the bottles in the refrigerator - she wanted to know what was that ‘stuff‘ I had put in there. P2 could not stop raving about how silly the word WAT-AAH! was and could not decide which one she wanted to try first."

Her conclusion?

"I cannot imagine many things better to serve my kids to keep them healthy happy and hydrated through the long Texas summer ahead."

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