Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Challenger #11, Virginia

Sarah took the WAT-AAH! Challenge with her daughter who is 17 months old ㅡ and of course loves her juice.

Sarah was skeptical like many parent attendees who initially thought: "I did not think that their was any way she would choose WAT-AAH! over a juice box."

So she decided to challenge her daughter Brea!

"The first time, she went to the fridge after I placed the WAT-AAH!, juice, and soda side by side. She picked up the juice. I decided that this was not the end of the challenge and decided to leave the WAT-AAH! and juices in the fridge and see what happens next!"

"...Later that day, she went to the fridge and guess what? She chose the WAT-AAH! She seemed to enjoy the cold water and drank quite a bit. I was so excited. For me, this is a huge accomplishment! Who would have thought Brea drinking water and enjoying it!!!"

The results...

"She may not pick the WAT-AAH! every time, but once a day would be great. She seemed to enjoy drinking the water too. In my opinion, this was a huge success! If Brea chooses water once or twice a day then that is that much less sugar she is ingesting."

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