Monday, March 23, 2009

Challenger #17, Nebraska

Sky- Seeryus Mama- was excited and ready to let her son take part in The WAT-AAH! Challenge.

"My son Johnny is always excited to take part in any reviews. For this particular "challenge"...I didn't say a word to him. I let him discover on his own!"

Johnny was the perfect candidate...

"Johnny loves his soda. He's not a fan of juice. Drinks milk occasionally, but Coca-Cola is his vice. I limit the number of soda's he can have...and really push water."

The results...

"It was a HIT! Johnny came home for lunch on a weekday. He was grabbing for something to drink, when he spotted the WAT-AAH! He was hooked! After about a fourth of it, he told me that the water was so good. He was impressed!

I'm in awe over his like for it!"

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