Monday, March 23, 2009

Challenger #19, New York

Melanie, Mother of 3 took The WAT-AAH! Challenge... and challenged all her guests as well...

"Instead of handing the waters to different families, we decided to throw a party and see how the kids reacted. When I was asked to participate in the "challenge"....I was more than just a little skeptical that the kids would choose WAT-AAH! over juices (the healthy option we use at our house)."

The set up... Placing WAT-AAH! next to all of the other traditional sugary party drinks.
The results... "It was an overwhelming win for WAT-AAH! Even in a party setting where juice boxes sat next to the WAT-AAH! the kids couldn't get enough of it! Even the littlest of the kids wanted nothing to do with the juice boxes!

"Beckett (age 1) loved WAT-AAH! and could not wait for me to open the bottle before he tried to drink!"

"Rose (age 8) didn't even mind that her face-painting would get messed up! Very rare for this glamour-puss!"

"Joseph (age 6) LOVED the WAT-AAH! He actually went through 2 bottles, and this is a kid who "HATES water"! Just ask his mom, Elizabeth, who sat there dumbfounded as he got upset when she said "no more" after the second bottle!"

"Joseph on his second bottle!"

"Every kid was asking WHERE CAN WE GET MORE OF THIS STUFF?!?! Thank you!"

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