Monday, October 17, 2011


Even though Amanda Coburn-Open Hands 31 may not have school-aged children, she still took The New WAT-AAH! Challenge with her friends at a picnic!

The setup...

"Our challenge pack arrived the day before we were going on a picnic with some friends, so I thought this would be the perfect chance to take the WAT-AAH! and some juice boxes along and get their reactions."

The results...

"I will tell you , honestly I was a little skeptical. Mainly because we don't keep a lot of juice in our home so I thought Aaron would definitely go for the juice since he is rarely offered it.....well, I was right. He did choose the juice...but I will be honest, I don't even know that he finished it before he grabbed a WAT-AAH!, and the same was true for his little friend."

"After our picnic we gave the kids some play time at the park and for the rest of the day the boys carried their WAT-AAH! bottles around, I never saw them with another juice box in hand. They loved the little boys facial expression and I love the size of the bottles. It is really perfect for them!!!"

Now, days later Aaron still wants to drink Water, in the WAT-AAH! bottles!!!

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