Thursday, October 13, 2011


Crystal Langley-Inspired Langley- and her kids decided to take The New Back-to-School WAT-AAH! Challenge! "Do you have soda in your fridge right now? Can your child name over 5 different soda flavors? Is that, or other sugary drinks, all they seem to want to drink? Then you should do what thousands of others are doing and take the WAT-AAH! challenge. Get your kids wanting water and keep them hydrated in the best way possible."

Of course Crystal was up for the challenge but wondered... "Does changing the label really matter when it comes to your kids all of a sudden wanting the water more?"

The setup...

"I had them choose what drink they wanted for school (even against my better judgement), offered the soda that was in the fridge. They noticed the cool new water that was in there right away and reached right out for that first thing and asked me what it was. I told them to read what it says. "WAT-AAH!!" They were sold. In fact, they were so sold that they keep filling their bottles up with tap water.


"They couldn't wait to bring them to school to show their friends. The oldest said that was the new word of the day. Everyone kept wanting to say "What-ahh" and his 'desk neighbor' thought it was really unique and wanted one of her own.... They loved the label and even the oldest got a kick out of it and wanted to bring it to school. He thought it was awesome that there was a secret message on the inside of the bottle when you drink it!

As you can see from the pictures my kids really do love it and Riot had a blast saying the word in lieu of "cheese!"... clearly shown in the picture below!" I never would have thought that this simple idea would work so well. But my kids are completely hooked! So thank you WAT-AAH!!

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