Sunday, December 27, 2009

Challenger #163, Wisconsin

Colleen- the Princess and The Monkey- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her family for their "Fitness Fridays" which they dedicated to "Our Children's Health and Getting them to Dink Water"

The Set Up...

I put the 4 bottles in the fridge. Our soda is in our bar fridge downstairs... When Zach came home from school he grabbed his cup and immediately headed towards the stairs asking for soda. I opened the kitchen fridge and asked if he wanted to try the new drink we had.

The Results...

The first time... he actually decided if he could npt have soda he would have some chocolate milk... But later that evening I grabbed the bottle and took a drink from it. Zach came in and saw the bottle... this time it caught his attention!

He was making the faces, trying to copy the expression of the face that is on the bottle label. Next thing I knew he took the bottle from me and took a sip. He then took the bottle and drank over half the bottle of water! Over the last few days my son has drank more water with the WAT-AAH! bottles in the fridge. He will steal them from me any time he sees me with it!

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