Sunday, December 27, 2009

Challenger #164, Kentucky

Crystal- Cinnamon Hallows WAHM Reviews- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kids. "My son is always asking for soda to which I reply....uh, NO! So when given the chance to choose for himself...?!"

The Results...

I was TOTALLY surprised when he went for the bottles of WAT-AAH! and after taking a drink and realizing it was water plain and simple- no sugar- no fancy flavorings or colorings and no caffeine... HE STILL WANTED IT!!!! What the heck? Don't get me wrong, my kids love water and drink loads of it but I just knew, when given a choice he would choose soda first!

Then I figured he would grumble and ask if he could choose soda instead. Uh-uh! He even got his sisters involved telling them how good it was!

My 3 year old went around for days (and still is) asking for WAT-AAH! I think she gets a kick out of saying the name too.

I' am SO glad my kids passed The WAT-AAH! Challenge!

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