Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Kacee Tagtmeyer-Poopies, Boogies, and Giggles-took the New Back-t0-School WAT-AAH! Challenge with her daughter Kaylie!

"I try to provide my daughter with healthy drink options, but she still loves her juice drinks. So much so, that we have to monitor her drinks at mealtime or she will suck down the drink before she takes one bite of food. We often have to tell her "enough" and make her put her cup donw or take her drink away all together. For the most part, she drinks healthy drinks like milk, water, and a low-sugar vegetable/fruit juice mix. Although, when given the chance, she will choose to drink a high-sugar juice drink or soda."

"So, when I heard that WAT-AAH! was challenging moms to provide kids with WAT-AAH! and other drink options, including juice, I was eager to participate. I wanted to give my daughter a new, healthy drink option made especially for kids."

The setup...

"I placed them in the fridge next to the milk, bottled water, and Kaylie's favorite juice/vegetable drink."

"I thought that Kaylie would like the water because it was something new. She usually likes to drink water and likes to get her own bottled water to drink, but she never finishes the 16.9oz. bottles we buy. I figured she would drink a bottle and then go back to wanting juice."

At lunchtime, Kacee and Kaylie to pick out a drink!

The results...

"When she saw the WAT-AAH! she asked me what it was. I told her that it was bottled water just for kids. She got excited to have her very own special drink and then asked me what each one was, so I explained the BODY and BRAIN varieties to her. She picked the WAT-AAH! BODY. I asked her why she picked it and she said because it was her favorite color, pink."

"I was pleasantly surprised when Kaylie drank the whole bottle of WAT-AAH! BODY!! I asked her if she liked it and why, and she said she liked it because it tasted like grapes. My child has a vivid imagination, it tasted like water to me."

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