Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Amber Edwards-JaeLouise Designs-challenged her kids to the New Back-to-School WAT-AAH! Challenge!

"As a health conscious mother, I only want what is best for my children; but I also don't want to be a complete tyrant and not allow them agency to make decisions for themselves. Especially with food, as they need to learn now how to make these decisions so when they grow up they can still be healthy even though mom isn't around. Sometimes finding a balance between protecting and helping my children be healthy yet still allowing them the chance to make decisions for themselves can be tricky."

The setup...

"When I heard about the New Back-to-School WAT-AAH! Challenge, I thought this would be the perfect learning experience to see what my kids would actually choose!"

The results...

"It didn't take my kids long to notice the new "water bottles" in the fridge! They were immediately excited about the look and style of the bottle, the cartoon character and the perfect portion size just for them. And then they noticed the soda. We don't keep soda in the house on a regular basis, so when my sons saw the soda in the fridge next to the WAT-AAH! bottles, they wanted to know what the special occasion was! Haha."

"I said there wasn't a special occasion. They could simply have their choice of drink; soda, juice, or the WAT-AAH!. It was a hard choice for them. Usually our biggest problem is that our kids drink too much juice, but when the option of soda and cool new water bottles were there...they didn't even NOTICE the juice! So their hard decision was between the soda (which we rarely have, so they wanted it because it was novelty item) and the new and exciting WAT-AAH! bottles."

"In the end both of my boys chose the WAT-AAH! drink...they wanted their OWN WAT-AAH! bottle right away. Currently the juice is still being ignored as they continually reach for the WAT-AAH! bottles when they need a drink at home or to take with them!"

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