Friday, October 28, 2011


Terra Heck-Heck of a Bunch-took the first WAT-AAH! Challenge, but this time Terra is back to take the New Back-to-School WAT-AAH! Challenge again and see if her kids choose WAT-AAH!

The setup...

"I put the WAT-AAH! in the fridge without telling the kids, to see if they would take notice. They do drink water but they, as well as I, are guilty of reaching for a sugary drink. I put the two varieties, Brain and Body, each in a separate shelf on the fridge. I didn't put them up front because I wanted to test how long it would take the kids to find the waters. It didn't take long!"

The results...

"My son, Logan, was the first one to take notice of the bottles in the fridge. He immediately grabbed one up and inquired if it was the same WAT-AAH! that we've tried before. I replied that it was but just in a smaller bottle."

"My son Adam's reaction was the best. He drank the entire bottle of WAT-AAH! and swore that he was getting smarter by the minute. He just knew that the water was working on his brain and making him into a genius. He wanted to know how soon we could purchase more. The WAT-AAH! Brain has kid-friendly electrolytes."

"I can see how it appeals to kids. Heck, it even appeals to me. The packaging and catchy phrases make it seem like kids are drinking something fun, not something they have to have. As for the challenge, the theory was proven in my household when the boys went straight to the WAT-AAH! and drank it up."

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