Thursday, October 1, 2009

Challenger #117, Arkansas

Gena - Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! - took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her son.

The Results...

Don't they look neat? Psst....... I would drink them based on appearance. lol I put the WAT-AAH! in my fridge to get good and cold. I love really cold water. My son comes in a couple hours later, looks in the fridge and says, "Cool, what is this?" So I tell him it's water and explain each bottle to him (I'll tell you that in just a sec) and he's like, "Hmm... they look cool." Then, he takes the WAT-AAH! instead of the soda. This is BIG! He loves Mountain Dew but he chose WAT-AAH! instead.

My opinion is, if you want your child drinking more water, the bottle alone will get them to do it, from my experience. I kept the bottles after we tried the
WAT-AAH! and keep them filled with water and my son will still grab them from the fridge.

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