Thursday, October 1, 2009

Challenger #116, Florida

Connie - BrainFoggles - took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kids, and her daughter's friends.

The Results...

Samantha became a word of mouth advertiser at school. She brought in tattoos and stickers to share with her friends to drum up interest. Then she brought in one bottle (Energy) to school in her lunchbox. She showed it to her friends who of course wanted to taste it. The unique long bottle and that logo got them all excited. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to share it – the risk of germs is too great (smart kids). Instead she told her friends about my blog and invited a friend to taste a bottle of WAT-AAH! Her friend tasted Brain and really liked it. Samantha drank Bones with her. It was a party! No complaints that it was plain ole’ water. 

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