Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Challenger #105, Virginia

Michelle- Stuttering Shell- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her two kids.

The Setup...

We put our bottles of WAT-AAH! in the fridge & let the kids "have at it." We had juice boxes, milk, orange juice, sweet tea & WAT-AAH! stashed in the fridge and every time the kids went in the fridge they chose the WAT-AAH! over anything else!

The Results...

"At dinner, they would both exclaim they wanted WAT-AAH! and sometimes small arguments ensued because they both wanted the same bottle! Who knew that kids would actually fight over something good for them?!

I knew that the product would be a hit with my two children -- I didn't realize that it would be that big of a hit, though. They absolutely enjoyed drinking WAT-AAH!... What I do know is that I am one happy mom because time & time again my children chose water over the sugary drinks. And, even to this day {because we are out of WAT-AAH!} they are still choosing water as their preferred drink of choice!"

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