Monday, February 23, 2009

Challenger #3, New York

Casey Deuce - A Couch With A View - readily indulges her daughther Boug and herself in WAT-AAH! Challenge!

"Do you or your kids drink enough water in any given day? I know my daughter doesn't and I know that I definitely don't, but did I think that my Boug would pass the WAT-AAH! challenge? I wasn't quite sure."

Initially, Casey says that Boug isn't the biggest soda drinker to her relief, but she will happily guzzle down any sort of juice (which she calls "the sugary garbage"). So when Casey placed WAT-AAH! bottles next to juices and sodas, she was ready to see Boug going for the juice.
Contrary to her expectation, Boug pointed at WAT-AAH!, saying "That one mom!"

Casey was in for a pleasant surprise! She does not see why kids would not want to drink WAT-AAH!, since it has an appealing bottle (label). She also claims that "water is one of the most important things for all of us!"

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