Monday, October 31, 2011


Christine Jensen-Outnumbered 3 to 1-challenged her kids to the New Back-to-School WAT-AAH! Challenge and incorporated it into Fitness Friday, dedicated to hydration!

The setup...

"Our kids are constantly on the move, whether participating in sports or running around the playground at school. Their little bodies need to be hydrated, and many are choosing to drink sugar filled juice drinks and sodas instead of water to provide that hydration. Part of the problem for kids at school is portability. Sodas and juice drinks come in sizes that are easy to fit in a lunch box, whereas water bottles are usually too large. Plus, the packaging is just more fun! (And what kid doesn't want the fun packaging?)"

"Well, WAT-AAH! is here to change things. Water in kid sized (10 oz) bottles, with fun images, and a great name is sure to catch their attention. I know my kids were all anxious to get their hands on one of the bottles sent to us."

The results...

Christine's children make sure to choose WAT-AAH! to stay hydrated!

"We are an active family. My boys participate in soccer and my daughter is a dancer, and hydration is so important for my little athletes. But, each week at the end of their soccer games, they inevitably receive a sugar filled juice drink with a sweet treat (and I have to admit that I have been guilty of this as well). But with these fun bottle designs, kids are sure to love receiving WAT-AAH instead of their sweet drink."

Click HERE for the full review!

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