Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Challenger #200, Michigan

Terri- That's What She Said- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kids! She was delighted with the opportunity, "when offered the opportunity to both test an promote WAT-AAH!, I was very excited! Thank goodness someone is marketing a healthy drink for kids! "

The Results...

When my daughter arrived home from high school, she said that EVERYONE was asking her about her WAT-AAH! From the students in each of her classes, to others stopping her in the hallways, everyone wanted to know about WAT-AAH!

Likewise, in my son's 3rd grade class, WAT-AAH! created quite a stir. All of his classmates found it necessary to stop by my son's desk to check out his bottle and matching WAT-AAH! tattoo!

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