Thursday, April 8, 2010

Challenger #196, North Carolina

Emmi- Mommy's "free" Time- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kids. "So my kids aren't water drinkers! I know they are little (2 and 1) but I really want them to drink more water! I understand that it is important to keep them hydrated, especially in this HOT and HUMID southern weather that is starting! When I heard about WAT-AAH! and their little challenge I was excited! I looked at the numbers and I just knew it would work for my kids."

The Results...

Big LuvBug loves the picture on the bottles so she immediately picked it (but refused to take a picture). I poured the water into the cute green cup that came with our package and she actually drank it all! Amazing! The child who hates water drank it!

So of course Lil LuvBug wanted some. I put some in his bottle and he guzzled it down and wanted more!

and then...

My stepson came into town to visit this week... I decided to let him take the challenge. He saw the WAT-AAH! bottle and thought it looked cool. I told him he could have it! He said it was great and the bottle was cool! YAH! Score for WAT-AAH!

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