Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Challenger #183, Ohio

Amy- Mommy PR- Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge as part of their 90 Day Fitness Challenge.

The Set up...

When I first received the WAT-AAH! water I thought I would put it in the fridge to get them cold. My children decided they did not want to wait for them to get cold.

The Results...

My 3 children had theirs drank in a very short time. After I saw how much they liked them, I went in to try the last one out myself thinking they must be really good if the children were drinking them that much, being at room temperature, because they usually prefer their water ice cold. I must say that after only 2 little drinks my children were wanting mine so they all split the bottle up between them. I did manage to get a taste and I really liked it. As for my kids, they enjoyed the WAT-AAH! water so well that they were all gone in no time!

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