Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Challenger #151, Georgia

Joshua Niven--Savannah GA Took The WAT-AAH! Challenge, an EXTREME WAT-AAH! CHALLENGE-- a five day challenge to drink only WAT-AAH! (water), staying away from all of the sugar loaded beverages targeted to active kids such as himself.
"Starting this The WAT-AAH! Challenge was a new product for me. Having never never seen the product when the package arrived, it was pretty thrilling. My first impressions of the product were defiantly positive. The sleekness of the bottle and the exciting catch phrases definitely gives the product a winning look. The name is more than exciting. It seems a product such as this would do perfect on the shelves of any Extreme-sports facility."
The Set Up...
I am currently a Photography and Painting student at the Savannah College of Art and design. Apart from my school work, my average week consist of at least four trips to the skatepark, as well as a bi-weekly trip to the beach for surfing. This fast paced life style requires tons and tons of hydration. When first hearing about this challenge, I knew it was right up my alley.
This first picture was taken at my home away from home, Woody's Skatepark in Savannah Georgia. As you can see, we have an array of nasty sugary energy drinks that I reluctantly consume on a daily basis to keep my self hydrated and energized in the crazy southern heat and humidity. Living in a place like this and going to the skate park for sessions up to 8 hours you can really really harm you if not hydrated properly.
The Results...
Day One: Getting amped with WAT-AAH!
Huge session at the park. In this shot im starting off my workout with a fresh bottle of WAT-AAH! and Screaming while I do it!
As you can see from these action shots from day one, a day at the park in the south takes between three to six t-shirts. A big ol' sweatathon.
Day Two: The Gear
This shot is of my typical gear for the park including my WAT-AAH!
Since beginning the challenge, I have received quite a few remarks on the bottles I have been carrying around. Its becoming clear to me that the labeling and excitement on the bottle really makes the product stand out. Everyone wants to know about it!
At this point im starting to notice a more clean sweating experience while not having all of the thick sugary drinks in my system. During this part of the challenge my catch phrase for the way is feel is "PURE!"
These next two action shots are of me flying with my board displaying my XL WAT-AAH! Sticker Proudly as i sweat out some product!
Day Three: Surfing with WAT-AAH!
Whenever I can pull myself away from the skate park, and if the waves are good, I love to show up at our local beach (Tybee Island) for some surfing. Just like at the skatepark, the sun at the beach can drive you to insanity. The only cure for this is to stay hydrated. WAT-AAH! seems to be giving me just that and more but throwing in a few extras that are essential for staying healthy in the sun... Mainly Electrolytes!
At this point in the challenge, I am amped as ever and ready to ride out the week with the WAT-AAH!!!!!! Before the challenge i was never a soda drinker , and i'm already on board with that stuff being a tool of the devil, My weakness was mainly Energy Drinks and Gatorades. It seems that so far I haven't had much of a craving for them, so and im still pumped up to continue.
Day Four: Trip to Hilton Head South Carolina.
For Day four i decided to make a trip north to Hilton Head SC for some major thrashing near the beach. The first thing I noticed when showing up was the intense humidity, and as you can see in picture nine I am covered in the wet stuff.
As someone who thinks that they have an unusually consistent sweating habit, it has become clear to me that over the years if you are drinking just pure water you'll never get everything you need to have healthy exercise. Practically every time i go to the park i kill thousands of calories and just drinking water is not healthy enough, so to fix this i usually reach for something full of electrolytes, for instance Gatorade. What I like most about WAT-AAH! is the fact i can drink water in a pure state but still get those extras. This is very important in making an effective drink for activities and WAT-AAH! Nails it!
Day Five:
I made it! Day five and what better way to sum up a week of fun and hydration than a trip to the studio to knock out a bunch of homework? The first thing that was clear to me when waking up to go get work done was my over all energy and pure feeling. This defiantly gave me the edge in the studio. Luckily Wat-aah! has many different options for what desired effect you are looking for, and if you need to think Smat-Aah!, Wat-aah! has got you covered. Trying to maintain great heath in the classroom and at home it takes alot of work and any advantage available is great. WAT-AAH! provides just that.
Overall, my experience with WAT-AAH! was amazing and I would more than recommend it to my friends. I have always felt that the first key to good health in your mind and your body is the hydration of both, and the key to hydration is water. Now that a product is out there that provides hydration and essentials such as magnesium and electrolytes, why would anyone need anything else?
Thanks Wat-Aah! It was a Blast!

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