Thursday, September 24, 2009

Challenger #113, Alabama

Kelli - Three Boys and a Dog - took The WAT-AAH! Challenge with her kids.

The Setup...

"My kids claim to hate water! I know they really don’t, but they prefer ANYTHING else: juice, kool aid, soft drinks, tea, even milk. When I was contacted about reviewing WAT-AAH! I could just imagine the fight. :-) So, when I received them, I stuck them in the fridge to get cold then called my older boys in after supper for a treat. :-)"

The Results...

"Tripp (9)Tripp drank the Energy drink. He took a big swallow, squinted his eyes in concentration and said, “Hmm… same as any other water!” Mom Says to readers “That might be true, but he drank the entire bottle :-)

Zack (7) – Zack had the Brain drink. He took a very small sip, lifted his lip and said in a very dissappointed voice, “SAME WATER!! Don’t taste like nothin’!” (yes, we need to work on grammar.) Mom said, “Oh how would you know? You only had a sip, try again.” He then took a larger swallow and exclaimed, “TASTES LIKE BRAIN JUICE!!” Mom Says to readers “He also drank the entire bottle!"

See where I am going with this? Yes, it is just water but the interesting labels got my kids drinking them! To me, that is what matters!

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