Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Challenger #59, New York

Daniel along w/ his science class of 42 students took The WAT-AAH! Challenge as part of their Healthy Choices Festival. They kids all choose WAT-AAH! as their new favorite HEALTHY choice... replacing those UNHEALTHY drinks they had stocked in their fridges at home and in the cafeteria.

The results...

"Having your support in our unit of study is so important to us, as we have been learning a lot about empty calories and how it is really easy to drink our calories. I cannot tell you how psyched the kids are. They want more and more and more and we are so happy to see the sugary drinks gone (for good?). Many parents were asking about it too saying that now all their kids are asking for is this new water!!!"

Here are the kids enjoying WAT-AAH! and making it a part of their Healthy Choice Festival curriculum.

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